Scott Redding: "I said, ‘come on, where is the limit?’

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Scott Redding: "I said, ‘come on, where is the limit?’

Scott Redding is quite frustrated after the race in Most. Redding is furious with Toprak Razgatlioglu because at one point he was forced off-track by Razgatlioglu. After that, Redding spoke with Toprak. "I said, ‘come on, where is the limit?’," recalled Redding of his conversation with Razgatlioglu.

"The wall was 10 metres away, and if I was in the gravel at that speed, it wouldn’t have been a good ending. "That’s what I’m thinking at the moment, but he isn’t. I had the same thing last year when he passed me at the last two corners so late… he said, ‘sorry, the rear was sliding’, but I said f***ing hell… me and my life are on the outside of you.

"We know he’s aggressive in overtaking, I don’t mind that, but it’s just at some places I wish you would just think… try and overtake me in the next corner like you did last year. Then at least if you hit me I have space, compared to somewhere where the margin is really small.

Scott Redding: I have to be more aggressive

Redding will be much more aggressive because of such things. "I just took it on the chin, but I will start to ride that way, I am riding that way, but it will have to be more [aggressive] until someone says this is the line on overtaking.

I don’t have anything to lose. "If you’re gonna keep running me off the track, you’re fighting for the championship and then I run you off the track, then you come and complain… sometimes you should be smarter than to try aggressive moves." Redding was in the battle with Jonathan Rea.

"I was thinking, 'do I, don't I?," Redding continued. "And then I was like, f*** it, roll off the gas late... and then he tried again, and I was thinking I have nothing to lose. He had more to lose than me, so I just committed to it at the end."