Fabio Quartaro: This year is a nightmare for us

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Fabio Quartaro: This year is a nightmare for us

Yamaha's Fabio Quartararo is totally out of form in all the qualifications. Quartaro has no control over his bike, and this creates huge problems for him. During the race, things are sometimes different, but in qualifying, the same thing almost always happens.

“In qualifying in ever corner I don’t know if I’m going to turn, or if I’m going to go into the gravel,” said Quartararo,, as quoted by motorsport. “So that’s the most difficult thing.

My front is moving so much, my bike is moving and in the end, I don’t have 100% control in qualifying. In the race pace you can always be more or less good, but in qualifying I have no control and I’m just out of control.

This is the problem. In 2019, and even last year, I was much more consistent and better. But this year is a nightmare for us, I’m not enjoying it as much”.

Fabio Quartaro is furious: I pushed myself to the limit

Quartaro is sad because he cannot take another step, but he is still persistent and does not give up on his goals.

Fabio is a racer who will always give 100% of himself and be ready for anything to help his team. “I think it’s a little bit highlighting all of our weekend,” he added. “Friday was going perfect, Saturday is going well but the others are making a big step and we are staying in the same place.

So, it’s quite difficult to make a step to improve. I pushed myself to the limit, but it’s never enough. So, I’m always disappointed about the result but I’m getting used to it and the most important thing is I give my 100%”.

He is waiting for a difficult continuation of the season full of new challenges. Fabio is a huge talent and a top biker, but he will have to show it in action.