Jonathan Rea after extending his contract: Can't forget that my childhood dream

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Jonathan Rea after extending his contract: Can't forget that my childhood dream

Jonathan Rea can focus on the future in WSBK considering that before the summer break he signed a contract with Kawasaki until the end of 2024. Jonathan Rea is happy about the contract extension. His dream since childhood was to become a world champion.

He is happy about the new challenge that awaits him and is optimistic about the future. “I can't forget that my childhood dream when I was five years old on a motocross bike was to be world champion,” Rea said, as quoted by motorsport.

“I looked at [motocross star] Jeremy McGrath and Kawasaki gave me that opportunity in 2015, so I feel indebted to them. We have a really nice story together. When you come from a winning mentality… okay, last year we lost to Toprak, another great champion, high [level] rider, it fired me up to keep going, to keep pushing.

I'm excited about the challenge of not just next year, but also the remaining races [of 2022]”.

Jonathan Rea on his contract

Jonathan Rea revealed that there were not too many demands from either side, and that they quickly discussed his future.

They are aware of the kind of driver they have at their disposal, but Rea is also aware of what Kawasaki can offer him. “There wasn't much negotiation,” he said. “The biggest thinking was I didn't want to talk about my future in the off-season.

“I [also] wanted to understand Kawasaki's long-term plans well with '23 and '24 coming because we have to improve the bike and the championship needs so much commitment. After that it was quite automatic, quite easy because there's not much negotiation by people, financial demands or anything.

It's just okay, ‘how the future is going to be? Am I still motivated? “My family still has everything good?’ ‘Okay, let's sign’. It's an incredible team, an incredible bunch of people”.