Marc Marquez: My grandfather told me: 'leave it now'

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Marc Marquez: My grandfather told me: 'leave it now'

Marc Marquez has had a lot of problems with injuries in the last couple of years. He promised his grandfather that the hand surgery was the last one he would have. "My grandfather told me: 'leave it now, you have enough to live on, what you've done is done, leave it'.

I promised my grandfather: 'It's the last chance for the arm' I told him that if this one doesn't... there are no more places [on the arm] left to open”. After the surgery he had in June, Marquez feels much better and can do things he hasn't done before.

“[When] they took the sling off, I started to move my arm, I could pick up a glass normally and I could eat a piece of meat without lifting my elbow,” said the 29-year-old. “Now I eat like a normal person, it's just little things.

I haven't lifted my arm 90-degrees for a year. I've been on a high for two weeks now, but there will be lows, it happens”.

Marc Marquez on the title race

Marc Marquez surprised many with his statement a few months ago.

"Before the season starts you work to get the title, then when the races start little by little the rivals put you where you are and what you can aim for,” Marquez said, as quoted by motorsport. “That's when you have to understand what you can aspire to.

I tried. I had an eye injury and in these last three races in Austin, Portimao and Jerez I have seen that we are not ready to fight for the world championship. As much as I want to, we are not here to fight for the title. You have to set realistic goals, you cannot consider winning a race when you are struggling to get into the top 10, it would be frustration after frustration."

Marc Marquez