Yamaha boss: Andrea Locatelli must start believing in himself

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Yamaha boss: Andrea Locatelli must start believing in himself

Andrea Locatelli has many problems this season. It was expected that he would show his full potential in the second season, but for now it is out of his hands. Paul Denning, the head man of Yamaha spoke about Locatelli: “Yeah, I think [it is] confidence,” Denning told Motorsport.com.

He's again doing a good job of not making mistakes, he is fourth in the championship. Technically we had a couple of challenges in Donington that we didn't expect on his side. He had a good race in Assen when he finished second after Jonathan and Toprak crashed into each other.

I think he needs a result, he needs to sort of believe [in himself]. It's not only Locatelli, all the riders behind the top three need to fight with those riders for a race and believe they can do it. Once you make that step then the next step of confidence is easier to find.

Right now he needs a result and then he can build on that result”.

Andrea Locatelli on the previous season vs now

Locatelli expects progress, although he has progressed so far, but that seems insufficient. “Honda is coming and BMW is coming, so I need to improve a little bit more,” he said.

“With respect to last year, I am faster, also in the races, but I need to try and stay in the front and try to take good results. Last year if I did the same race time [as in the second race at Most] I would have been in P4, and in Race 1 I would have been on the podium.

I’ve improved a lot in the race time but the result is worse. I'm not so happy about the results. I need to try to do something to improve a little bit more”. Locatelli will have to find a quick solution to his problems. Great talent, but he has to prove it.