Alvaro Bautista furious at his colleague's statements

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Alvaro Bautista furious at his colleague's statements

Scott Redding wasn't thinking when he talked about his colleague, Alvaro Bautista. Redding believes that Bautista has an advantage because of his low weight. Alvaro answered promptly: “I think it's a stupid comment,” Bautista said as quoted by motorsport. “For sure with my weight I have some advantages, but I also have some disadvantages.

“With this kind of bike, with this amount of power, I don't use all the power of the bike, I have to release the power in many places. Also in Motogp, it's a stupid thing to think that with the less weight you have advantage because you have some advantage but also some disadvantage.

At the end it's a combination. I don't think that is needed to put minimum weight here and in MotoGP. In lower categories, okay, I think it's easier or more fair to put a minimum weight. But on this kind of bike I don't think it is necessary.

So for me it's just like [Redding is trying] to find a reason. 'I don't go fast, I have this reason, I'm more heavy' But I don't think that that is the main reason for this [lack of speed]”.

Alvaro Bautista on his disadvantages

Despite the advantages, there are many disadvantages that Bautista has due to his weight, and he listed some of them; “I said many times you can see [my top speed advantage] very easily on the straights but you cannot see how [much] stress I have to do to move the bike, to go into the line, to change direction,” he said.

“Also, exiting from the corners, every time I exit, my front direction [change] is less than when you can put some weight on the front. I have less weight to put on the front or the rear when it's cold. I can push less on the tyre and I need many tyres to warm up the tyres, so there are a lot of disadvantages for me, but I try to compensate [for] that and try to use my advantages.

At the end, the problems I have or the disadvantage with my weight is more difficult to see on TV. But people who understand the bikes and who understand how the bike works, they understand my problems with my low weight.

It's easy to say he only has advantages because the bike will go faster [on the straights]. But that is not true."