Francesco Bagnaia: I totally agree with the penalty

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Francesco Bagnaia: I totally agree with the penalty

Francesco Bagnaia accepted stewrrds decision after being penalized for irresponsible driving. He impeded Alex Marquez at the San Marino GP “I think it’s correct,” Bagnaia said for “I totally agree with the penalty.

I made a mistake, I thought that the [session] was already finished, that I had already taken the chequered flag, but I didn’t. I made a mistake. I already said sorry to the stewards and said it was ok, it’s correct.

I also asked why it was a three-place grid [drop] and not a long lap. They told me it’s because it’s the first time I did it. For the first time you have a warning, which is a grid penalty, and then you get the long lap.

I agree with them and it’s the only way possible to have a step in terms of paying more attention in this situation. So, I agree with them”.

Long Lap

A long lap could have been a bigger penalty for him. Bagnaia also confirmed this “It depends.

Silverstone no, but here yes,” he said. “Today I think we have to discuss, but we already spoke to the safety commission that the long lap penalty has to be the same for all the tracks. But this is impossible to do, because Silverstone doesn’t have so much run-off area in different parts of the track to do it.

So, it will be very difficult to have the same amount of time in every track. But we will work on it”. What is most important is that Bagnaia realized his mistake and learned from it. New challenges await him soon, for which he will have to be ready.

Bagnaia is a quality driver and we know how much he can do. We will see if this will affect him, but it is certain that he can do more.