Francesco Bagnaia: “I will starting thinking about the championship when.."


Francesco Bagnaia: “I will starting thinking about the championship when.."

Francesco Bagnaia is 30 points behind Fabio Quartaro, although the difference was much larger. This is why there is optimism among a large number of fans. Bagnaia does not want to focus too much on the title. Every opportunity that comes his way, he will do his best to use it.

“30 points is still a lot,” Bagnaia said for “So, I don’t want to be focused on that. I just want to focus on the work we are doing in all the races in this second part of the season and be smart, understanding the situation and what position we can arrive.

Like today [in the race], if I see the possibility to win I will try always. But I think we are doing a really good job in terms of working during a weekend because we are always so strong and consistent and this is a difference from the start of the season”.

Francesco Bagnaia: I already made too many mistakes

Bagnaia focused on his progress and on the next races. The title is not his primary concern at the moment. It seems as if he wants to take the pressure off himself and relax into the rest of the season.

“I will starting thinking about the championship when I will be 10, five points away from the leader. In this moment I already made too many mistakes thinking about the championship. So, my objective now is to be always competitive, always fast, always in front and try to win, always in front of my rival.

This way of working has been key to this second half of the season. So, I don’t want to think about the championship to remain more focused on my objective and remain more focused on the work during all the weekend”.

The team is aware of the opportunity they have in the rest of the season, but Quartaro is someone who is really dominating at the moment. Does Bagnaia have the strength to win the title? A difficult season for all teams, and an exciting final awaits us.