Ducati technical director: Jonathan Rea deserves greater sanctions


Ducati technical director: Jonathan Rea deserves greater sanctions
Ducati technical director: Jonathan Rea deserves greater sanctions

Ducati technical director Marco Zambenedetti is furious about Jonathan Rea's move, which caused him to collide with Alvaro Bautista “We do not expect a six-time world champion to use this kind of manoeuvre,” said Zambenedetti for motorsport.com, “especially as in recent years everybody is trying to give the best message to the younger riders to have more fair competition and less aggression on-track.

I respect what the stewards have decided [long-lap penalty], but we think that the message [sent out], the sanction given to Jonathan is not commensurate with the manoeuvre he used. Young riders are forced to resort to this physical way to race.

I think the sanction must be much more. Finally, he finished the race fifth, he gained some points in the championship with respect to Alvaro. This is not what we expect, and we expect to have some more sanctions in the next races for Jonathan”.

Zambendetti shares the same opinion as Bautista; Both believe that Rea's move was intentional. “I am totally in line with Alvaro, and I think everyone that has seen the TV is in line with Alvaro’s analysis,” he said.

Jonathan Rea's reaction

Jonathan Rea is disappointed that they think so, and reiterated that he had no intention of doing that. “Race direction have a lot more and harsher penalties that they could apply during the race: double long lap, triple long lap, black flag, ride-through penalty.

I accept their point of view, [but] it's their point of view. It's not mine. I don't have to speak anymore trying to prove my innocence. I'm racing hard for my position. There was a racing accident and it happened. I took a penalty.

I have to take that penalty on the chin because I can't turn it back and do the race again, so I did my long lap penalty and I continued on with the race. It's unfortunate they think like that, but it's not reality”.