Marc Marquez: I didn’t expect to be here in Aragon or to race here this year

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Marc Marquez:  I didn’t expect to be here in Aragon or to race here this year

Marc Marquez will be part of the Aragon GP, although he did not expect it after the surgery he had.
“I’m really happy to come back,” Marquez said as quoted by motorsport. “It’s something that, for example, in Mugello I didn’t expect to be here in Aragon or to race here this year.

“But things have been in a good way from the beginning, from the surgery. And step-by-step things look better. “Of course, for the target I want to achieve I still have to do a lot of work. “But now after Misano test it has been very positive.

“The feeling, the way I finished the test about physical condition was good. That’s where we analysed the recover of my arm in the next days and understood there was maybe some possibilities to be in Aragon”.

For him, the most important thing is to be in good physical condition. “I mean, the podium possibility is one percent,” he said. “It’s really, really low. One thing is I’m really far from my best physical condition, especially always talking about arm condition, about the muscles.

“The bone is fixed, that’s the most important thing. But the muscle condition still is very far from where I want. “My target, my goal is to try to finish all weekends from now. It’s true that the possibility on the table is that maybe in Japan, maybe in Thailand I may need to stop in the middle of the weekend.

We don’t know”.

Santi Hernandez on Marquez

Marquez's crew chief Santi Hernandez is satisfied with Marquez's approach. “The approach, what I felt was the same,” Hernandez told the media on Thursday.

“He didn’t change. The only thing that has changed, the difference, is the amount of time he has been off of the bike. “But the mentality is the same. Even when he came to the Misano race without riding, he was thinking again about how to improve the bike.

“Even without riding, the approach is the same. The feedback when he tested the bike in Misano was very good. “He didn’t forget how to ride the bike, he didn’t forget how to give the inputs to the engineers.

For me, this is important. “We are talking about an eight-times world champion, he didn’t forget everything”.

Marc Marquez