Jack Miller reveals whether he has title ambitions

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Jack Miller reveals whether he has title ambitions

Jack Miller is 40 points behind Fabio Quartararo. Jack is still an optimist, as he will give his best. “Yeah, it’s a long shot but we’ll just keep plugging away at it,” Miller said after the race on Sunday.

“If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’ll keep trying my best either way. "Pecco [Bagnaia] did a fantastic job making big gains after what was a tough weekend in Motegi. It’s been an awesome day for the team, I can’t thank them enough.

“They haven’t taken their foot off the gas, they’ve been pushing both of us to the bitter end and hopefully we can give them some sort of a reward for all their hard work”.

Thailand GP

He could have done much more in Sunday's Thailand GP.

Nevertheless, he achieved a good result. He also revealed what the differences were between him and Oliveira, who was great in the end. “I think just set-up more than anything,” Miller added when asked what the difference was between Oliveira and himself.

“It was a lap of two halves because I would go into Turn 3 and honestly I’m like ‘oh, I’m right on him’. “And then I’m coming out of the second last corner and I go ‘he’s blowing me away’.

He lacked confidence in one hand and it seemed that he could have done much more. The result he achieved will be his motivation for continuation. “I was having this conversation inside my head, like ‘you need to pull your finger out’ kind of thing.

But I was just missing a little but in the corners. “Mine [the bike] was really solid on braking, maybe too solid, and I was lacking a little bit of confidence and a little bit of contact through the flowing part of the circuit”.