Aleix Espargaro angry about Ducati: It's ridiculous

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Aleix Espargaro angry about Ducati: It's ridiculous

Aleix Espargaro is frustrated with Ducati and their results. The Spaniard believes that Ducati has a great bike that is far ahead of others, and that such superiority is not 'healthy' "It's funny because not too long ago, three, four months ago, everyone was saying the Aprilia was the 'new Ferrari'," Espargaro said for

"I knew the bike that I had, I know it's a good bike, I know we improved the bike a lot. But it's not at the level of the best bike of the grid at all. "It's never been like this, but they made many mistakes in the beginning of the year and they paid it now.

"But today the results of the Ducati, it's ridiculous. It doesn't matter who rides the bike, they are in the top six. It's very frustrating." Espargaro believes that they are not currently competitive for the title and that the previous three races are in favor of that.

"More difficult," Espargaro said. "I think that in the last three races we proved we are not together as a team. We are not at the level to fight for this title. We've conceded many, many points, because at the end in the last three races we scored eight or 10 points (12 points)."

Title race

He is aware of how difficult it will be for them to reach the title, considering Ducati and what they are doing at the moment.

"This is ridiculous if you want to fight for the title. This is the problem. It's still possible, I'm really proud about my championship. There's two races to go and Aleix and Aprilia are still in the game for the title. So, I'm proud.

But with Pecco and Ducati's form, with one race of advantage [in terms of points] on me it's going to be very tricky." Espargaro still has to be an optimist and hope that things can be different by the end of the season. We will see what will happen.