Alvaro Bautista on 'slick tires': I just did it because I wanted to have fun


Alvaro Bautista on 'slick tires': I just did it because I wanted to have fun

Alvaro Bautista surprised many when he decided to race on slick tires. It turned out to be a great decision, as he clinched the win. Jonathan Rea commented on Bautista's decision. "Alvaro was beside me on the grid and I saw he was on slicks, and in that moment, I wasn’t sure if it was the right decision or not," Rea told the official World Superbike website.

"They clearly made the right decision, but it was a ballsy one, and one I wasn’t prepared to make. We were sitting ducks when he came through, he had so much more traction, and he could bide his time. Fair play. It’s a shame it was a tyre strategy race, it would have been nice to fight."- Jonathan Rea said, as quoted by

Alvaro Bautista explains his decision

Alvaro Bautista spoke about his decision.

It seems that his intuition was great. He knew he had nothing to lose and could gamble. "With the experience I had from my MotoGP years, I knew it could dry out very fast," said Bautista. "I When we went to the grid, we had the wet setting on the bike, but I saw the clouds were passing, I told Giulio [Nava, crew chief] to get ready to change the bike to dry conditions when I arrive on the grid.

On the grid, I saw more water on the track than I expected and I had some doubts. Giulio said maybe the wet front and intermediate rear could be an option, but normally when I use the intermediate, I lose, the feeling is too s***.

When we did the sighting lap, the track dried a lot, and I just had to do three laps carefully and then I could push. I didn’t have anything to lose, the championship was already in our hands, so I just did it because I wanted to have fun, and because I don’t have a good feeling with our wet set-up in the dry. I would rather struggle at the beginning and be able to enjoy the last laps."