Danilo Petrucci: "What pushed me more towards WSBK was the fact that.."

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Danilo Petrucci: "What pushed me more towards WSBK was the fact that.."

Danilo Petrucci decided for WSBK and explained his decision. The biggest reason is the fact that he never raced there. "What pushed me more towards WSBK was the fact that I hadn't raced there yet," Petrucci told GPOne.com. "I had this opportunity with a very competitive bike, which I used this year, but on other tracks and with other tyres, and I was excited by the idea of ​​trying it where it's at its best, because it's the bike that won the world championship this year.

"I like riding motorbikes and if I have to choose, I choose the most competitive one. I did a lot of thinking. It took me a long time to come to this decision."

Danilo Petrucci and his decision

There were many 'pressures' and a chance for him to stay, but that didn't happen.

"I have to say that it was very difficult to decide," he said. "Eraldo Ferracci and the entire SBK team in MotoAmerica also worked very hard this year to make me race and they would have worked even harder next year to get me to race.

"It was great to race with Ferracci. He treated me like a grandson when I was there. He's an incredible character and I'm so sorry I didn't go. They had offered me even more than what I earned this year. "They wanted me, also because I said right away that I didn't want to come back, because I didn't have the technical guarantees to say 'I'll go there and have fun', because it's a championship that can definitely be won, but this year Gagne had no rivals.

"We fought it out in the last race because he made a lot more mistakes than me and I picked up on that. I saw a bike with great potential, but with those [Dunlop] tyres something different is needed and it's a very big commitment."