Zak Brown on Max Verstappen's dominance: The season was not boring

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Zak Brown on Max Verstappen's dominance: The season was not boring
Zak Brown on Max Verstappen's dominance: The season was not boring

Max Verstappen showed a lot of dominance this season and made the season less exciting than it was last year. The Dutchman showed that he will be the most serious candidate for the title next season as well. McLaren boss Zak Brown does not find this season boring, given that many races have brought excitement.

“It certainly seems like the racing has been better,” he said, as quoted by “I think everyone was concerned that cars were going to look the same. They certainly don't. There's a lot of different concepts.

I think the new regulations always need refining, but I think we got it pretty right. And the racing has been very exciting this year. Given the dominance of Max, it doesn't feel like it's been a boring season, even if the results on paper, you would think it would be boring.

But I think all the races have been very exciting”.

Zak Brown

Zak Brown, the boss of McLaren, is also happy about his team's success. In spite of this, he is already focused on the next season and on correcting any mistakes that have been made.

To be more competitive next season, they will have to put in a lot of effort. There is no doubt that all teams will give their all and curse to the maximum what lies ahead for them. A great deal of potential exists in McLaren, but they will need to prove it when it comes to racing.

“[We had] lots of learning. Lots of ups and downs,” he said. “Not as competitive as we were last year, but I think we're a better racing team this year. We’re operationally more sound. “Our pit stops are better.

We've got our investments that are nearing completion. So I think we've learned a lot. New regulations, and excited for next year”.

Max Verstappen

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