Marc Marquez ready to leave the HONDA team because of his goals


Marc Marquez ready to leave the HONDA team because of his goals

Marc Marquez has shown many times his ambition and how much he wants to be at the very top. All true fans of Moto GP know very well how much the Spaniard gives his maximum, and how he sometimes 'burns' in that heat. This time, Marquez spoke openly about Honda and his ambitions.

The Spaniard has great respect for Honda, but if they do not fulfill what he envisioned, Marquez is ready to change the team. "I feel a lot of respect for Honda, because the way that during these two years that I was injured, the way that we speak, the way that they take care of me was special," he said.

"I know that was not normal, but it was special, and I will always have full respect for Honda. But now [at the end of] 2022, my mind is only on coming back to the top with Honda. Then of course if I cannot, because I feel like I don't have the tools, I will try to find the best for me.

And this is something that I already said to them. But now in 2022 I only want to stay with Honda, and staying with Honda is my target. But, my biggest target is to win championships.
So, this is what I will look for in the future."- Marquez said, as quoted by

Marc Marquez and his future

We still don't know what the future holds, but Marquez is ready to do everything to achieve his goals. "In past contracts, I respected them a lot and Honda always had the first option, and I didn't speak with anybody, only Honda.

Then if you have the respect from them, they will respect you. If you don't have their respect, they won't respect you. So, yeah, for the future we will see. You never know. As I say, Honda is Honda, it's my dream to stay in Honda. But my biggest dream is to win championships."

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