Dakar Rally Kicks Off the New Year in Saudi Arabia

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Dakar Rally Kicks Off the New Year in Saudi Arabia
Dakar Rally Kicks Off the New Year in Saudi Arabia

The beginning of the calendar year is reserved for one of the most popular auto moto races, the legendary Dakar Rally. This year's edition is being raced in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the 4th stage has been completed and we have seen a lot of excitement in the first four days of the competition.

A victory in the fourth stage of the race saw the legendary French driver Sebastian Loeb (48) return to the race for the first time in his career. The time of Loeb was 4:11:34, and he celebrated ahead of Peterhansel and Sainz.

Following four stages, Loeb has thus moved back into the TOP 30 in the car competition and currently occupies the 26th place. A time of 12:20:33 has been recorded by Al-Attiyah from Qatar, the current leader of this year's Rally Dakar.

Current Leaders in Each Discipline

The Australian Sanders leads the Bikes discipline after four stages, the Spanish Morera leads the Classic discipline, the American Quintero leads the LW Prototype discipline, Frenchman Giroud leads the Quads discipline after four stages, the Polish Goczal is currently in first place in the SSV discipline and the Polish Valtr is currently in first place in the Trucks discipline.

Currently, we are in the final third of this year's Rally Dakar, which ends on January 15, after which all the winners will be determined. As part of this year's Rally, the participants will be driving through the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Yanub was the start point, and Jeddah was the finish point. It should be noted that after the starting camp, the drivers took part in the previous four stages through Al' Ulu and Ha'il, where the fifth stage will take place.

In the sixth stage of the project, Ha'il drivers are already moving to Ad Dawadima from Ha'il. On Friday, January 6, the longest stage of 876.88 kilometers from Ha'il to Ad Dawadimi will be held, and after that stage, a lot of things will be clearer in terms of the overall standings.

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