Marc Marquez revealed his wish before the end of his career

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Marc Marquez revealed his wish before the end of his career

Besides Moto GP, Marc Marquez has other wishes in his career. His wish is to try the Dakar Rally at the end of his career. Marquez is a man who regularly follows the Dakar Rally and is fascinated by it. "Of course I'm following the Dakar," Marquez said for

"I like everything about the engine. Sainz Sr. is also a person who delights him and of whom he has a great opinion. "He’s sick from the engine, from adrenaline. Not only the Dakar, of all motorsports. Precise details, it's his life.

Why not see him next year at 61 years old. If you see yourself with strength... the mind is everything. He had speed, and I think he was the fastest on the track." His goal is to be part of the competition, but not only formally.

"What is clear is that for me, not on a motorcycle, it would hurt me. Obviously you sign up for a bombing. The Dakar gives a lot of respect, there is prior preparation. And we are competitive, I don't like to lose. Maybe in the future I would go to compete, but not just to finish the race."

Marc Marquez and co-pilot

Marquez also spoke about the co-pilot.

It would be difficult for him to drive and be focused on what he is being told, but he would probably get used to it after a while. "It is what would cost me the most, to have someone next to me talking,” added the MotoGP star, who discussed such a scenario with Sainz Sr.

"He was preparing for the race as if it were his first Dakar. And I asked him about that, he told me that it is his hand and his right foot, that the gas is the co-pilot. It would be hard for me to drive and listen to someone at the same time." We have no doubt that the Spaniard would be great in what he has never done before. He showed his talent many times.