Yamaha unveils livery for 2023

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Yamaha unveils livery for 2023
Yamaha unveils livery for 2023 (Provided by Financial World)

Yamaha enters the new year with huge ambitions that they will strive to achieve. Yamaha is also the first team to present its bike for 2023. Fabio Quartaro is ready to fight for the title, although the injury has caused him many problems.

“My winter break didn’t fully go as planned because I injured my hand during motocross training. But I’ve kept working non-stop. I’ve done a lot of cardio to make sure I’m 100% fit for the 2023 season.

My hand injury is fully recovered now too, so I feel ready to fight for the title again. We have the new camouflage livery, which is a nice change. I like the new look, and it’s good to switch it up a bit. But more importantly, I am looking forward to start riding again.

I am very curious to test the 2023 YZR-M1 in Sepang. We will work hard this season, as we always do. We have learned a lot in 2022, and now I just want to fight for the title again”. - Quartaro said, as quoted by motorsport.com

Morbidelli on the next season

Morbidelli spoke about his ambitions for the next season.

They seem to be optimistic. "We are making a fresh start today, with a new look. Everything has gone back to zero and anything is possible this season, so that is an exciting prospect. We’ve ended 2022 with an improved feeling.

Now it’s important that we do a good job at the upcoming winter tests, so we will be ready to start the season in March with the first race in Portugal. There’s a new race format [with sprint races being introduced], which will take some getting used to for the riders and the teams, but I see it as a positive change because it’s something that the fans will enjoy”.