Enea Bastianini warned Marc Marquez: It won't be easy for him like it used to be

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Enea Bastianini warned Marc Marquez: It won't be easy for him like it used to be

Enea Bastianini had to warn Marc Marquez of what awaits him this season. Although the Spaniard was dominant in Moto GP for many years, now there are some new faces on the scene who show that Moto GP is on a completely new level.

The competition next season will be stronger than ever, and Marquez must be aware that it will not be easy. "For many, many years he has been the reference, but now the level has been raised, there are more fast riders. He will fight for the title, he will leave for that, but for him, it will not be as easy as before."- Bastianini said, as quoted by crash.net Bastianini and Bagnaia will have a special relationship next season, and that is exactly what the first mentioned was talking about "At the moment we laugh about it,” he said.

“The rivalry will be there, but we are two very quiet people, I don't see any problems between us. There will be many more people to relate to and I will have to learn in the best way. But it doesn't scare me,” he said.

Marc Marquez on the new season

Marc Marquez has been unlucky for many years, and the reason for that is the injuries that caused him big problems. Nevertheless, the Spaniard believes that this season he can show what he was able to do before.

It won't be easy, but the most important thing is to believe in yourself. "I would like to fight for the title,” he said, as quoted by Teledeporte.es. “It's a new challenge, because until 2020 my career had been idyllic, a bed of roses.

Now I have lived the other side of the coin, injuries, etc. It's not easy, because the injury has been hard. I am obliged to prepare myself as best I know, to reach the maximum to go to war.