Fabio Quartaro: The charisma I have is close to Valentino Rossi

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Fabio Quartaro: The charisma I have is close to Valentino Rossi

Fabio Quartararo is one of the biggest stars of Moto GP. The Frenchman has shown his qualities many times, and we expect the same from him this year. Quartaro will aim for a second title after he failed to confirm his dominance last year.

Speaking to Road Racing World, Fabio talked about his persona, as well as the charisma he possesses. The Frenchman believes that every rider must have charisma, and he is proud that many compare him to Rossi. “To have my personality is something great because some riders can be super-fast but don’t have the personality,” he said fo rRoad Racing World.

“And I feel like: ‘okay, I have my own personality’. It’s different to the other one, but it’s true that many people say the charisma I have is close to Valentino. That is a great thing”.

Fabio Quartaro and his career

Quartaro does not want to have a long career and his goal is to finish at 32, 33. What is most important for him at this moment is to avoid injuries and be healthy for the coming seasons. “I wish to be 10 more years in MotoGP.

It depends a lot on how it’s going with injuries. Hopefully, I will not get so many injuries, but of course I would like to ride until I’m 32 or 33." The Sepang test in February will be an ideal opportunity for him to understand if his bike is good enough.

Quartaro is an optimist and hopes for the best. “Yes, straight away. In the first five laps, I will know if the bike is good or not, especially on the top speed. For the chassis and everything you need to do more, but on the engine I will know straight away if it is better or not”.

2023 brings us a lot of excitement and great races. The most important thing is that there should be as few injuries as possible and as many great moments as possible.

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