Marc Marquez revealed what he did not expect in his career

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Marc Marquez revealed what he did not expect in his career

Marc Marquez achieved everything he wanted. As a boy, he fantasized about titles, and it can be said that he even succeeded more than he imagined. However, what he did not want at all were injuries. Marquez has had a problem with them for a long time, and that is what ruined his plans.

"Everything I had in mind when I started has been fulfilled before I was 30. What I didn't expect were injuries."- he said, as quoted by His personal life is not what he bothered with. Of course, he has goals to start a family, but his current focus is on the present, and Marquez does not want to live in the past or the future.

“I have thought very little about my personal life. My goals have always been professional. Professionally, let whatever I can and what I earn come, and personally I would like to create a family, but that does not depend only on me either.

Today I'm here in Madrid and I don't know tomorrow or next year, I like to live in the present."

Marc Marquez and his injury

A month ago, Marc talked about his injury and the surgeries he had. He is aware that his hand will never be the same.

"And many times, it's difficult to realise sometimes or admit that you have this injury. But, in the end you must say, 'OK, this is what I have' It's true that I had the fourth surgery, it's true that an arm that has been opened four times will never be a normal arm, because you have some limitations.

But then you need to accept those limitations, try to compensate with your body, with different things. I'm not thinking a lot about it, just I'm thinking more how to improve, about how to manage it, how to adapt."

Marc Marquez