Marc Marquez: I don't like to be relaxed, relaxation bores me

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Marc Marquez: I don't like to be relaxed, relaxation bores me

Marc Marquez is a man who is hungry for trophies and success, despite the fact that he has many successes behind him. His greatest passion is motorbikes, which could be noticed many times. Marquez is known as a temperamental driver who always tries his best and wants to be at the very top.

"It is no coincidence that I am single,” he said talking on Spanish TV. “In the race I'm hard to bear because I'm very stubborn and I have my routines. Adrenaline is the only energy that gives him rhythm and motivation.

I don't like to be relaxed, relaxation bores me. I can't concentrate. I have no passion for going to the beach or travelling, my passion is motorcycles. It makes me go to the limit. Happiness pervades me only after winning and celebrating with my family.

I have always been mature for my age, because when I was 12 I was already surrounded by people who by age could be my father or grandfather. I grew up surrounded by older people. I never went to summer camps with my friends.

But it was my decision."

Marc Marquez and his career

Marquez was thinking about ending his career after the fourth surgery on his hand. Nevertheless, the Spaniard decided to continue. The pains he had were severe, and as he says, he has no problems with it now.

"Before I had surgery on my arm, withdrawal was an option,” he said. “Now no, I have no more pain... Hell is hard. Because when there is such pain, your character also changes. I came from a sports career that looked like that of a superhero and suddenly, overnight, fractures, infections, operations and that's when you can sink. I was screwed." A great career behind such a young man. Marquez is an example of persistence.

Marc Marquez