Enea Bastianini confirmed that he and the team are still not at 100%


Enea Bastianini confirmed that he and the team are still not at 100%

Enea Bastianini, a Ducati rider, has serious ambitions before the new season. However, Bastianini and his team are still not at 100%. “100% probably not, but 90-95% we can arrive,” he said, as quoted by crash.net “At the moment we are in the 70-75%, we have to understand [more].

The new bike has a lot of potential, but to use this is not easy”.

Sepang test

The Sepang test showed Bastianini looking great, but he believes there is still room for improvement. We have no doubt that his team will solve the problems.

"I’m happy,” Bastianini said. “This morning not too much! Was difficult to bring the confidence with the new bike. We worked a lot. I haven't stopped [for lunch], only to look at the data trying to resolve some problem because the new bike compared to the old one is different and was difficult for me.

We have resolved a lot of problems. I think now I'm really confident and I can ride more soft, more easy. The throttle is not like the old bike for the moment, but the engine brake is now very close. We were fast in the last run and at the end I'm happy.

I have spoken a lot with Pecco and our comments are so similar, especially in the riding style. When it’s like this it's easy to speak with the engineers to try to do something better and at the end we have made a good step in front”.

The fairing choice is now the main topic. “For the moment it’s not all clear, especially also the fairing and we have to try again in Portimao to understand which is better,” he said. Bastianini talked about the differences between tires.

“We have started all three days with the used tyre and I wasn't really fast, but then when we have put the new one, my lap time was OK. I think it will not be a problem for the Sprint race and also for the qualifying. Probably we have resolved this problem!”