Marco Bezzecchi on Valentino Rossi: Last time in Misano he kicked my arse

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Marco Bezzecchi on Valentino Rossi: Last time in Misano he kicked my arse

VR46 Motogp rider Marco Bezzecchi talked about Valentino Rossi joining the team in Portimao in one of the interviews. Bezzecchi answered the reporter's question about whether Rossi is still fast: “Unfortunately yes!

Last time in Misano he kicked my arse! But next time I will beat him!”- he said, as quoted by Bezzecchi talked about the support they have from Rossi. Valentino is with the team all the time, although it may not seem so to many.

"When we go to train, if he’s not there he follows us from another part of the world, but most of the time when he’s at home he also trains with us,” said Bezzecchi. “So even if you don’t see him [at the races], he is ‘with’ us.

We knew the moment had to arrive [when Rossi would retire and leave the paddock], but in the end now we have to try to be the best riders that we can. We have him fortunately on our back, supporting us. He’s really [close] with us.

Even if he’s not there, trust me that he’s really interested in our sporting life and also normal life. So I think we are very lucky. Of course, it’s different [since he retired]. I miss him a lot in the paddock.

But it’s like this. He now has a career in cars and I’m happy for him”.

Valentino Rossi on the team

Valentino Rossi is optimistic about the team and their future success. “I expect a great 2023 from the Mooney VR46 Racing Team.

Last year we made our debut in MotoGP after so many years in Moto3 and Moto2 and it was a fantastic season," Rossi said. “We were fast, even though the team was a new one. The guys did a great job, fighting for the podium and the front positions on several occasions.

This continues to be our goal also for 2023. We have two very fast and more experienced riders, I hope they can make another step forward to get their first victory and conquer as many podiums as possible."

Valentino Rossi