Aleix Esparagaro is angry with the Moto GP leaders: They don't want to listen to us

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Aleix Esparagaro is angry with the Moto GP leaders: They don't want to listen to us

Fabio Di Giannantonio had a crash during the Portimao Motogp Test, and he suffered a concussion. Namely, Fabio hit a big stone after which he fell into the gravel. Aleix Espargaro is angry and furious, considering that many people have been talking about the gravel problem for a long time "I don't want to talk about it anymore, we've been talking about it for four years and nobody listens to us.

We have said it many times. Yesterday Maverick and Diggia had problems with the pebbles. We have said this many times. In Jerez, too, we said it 1000 times before they changed anything. "- he said, as quoted by Espargaro, along with the other Moto GP riders, believes that they are as helpless as possible at the moment.

Despite the fact that they have a lot to say, the Moto GP leaders don't seem to be interested in listening to them. "What do the MotoGP riders do when they are not listened to by those responsible? What am I supposed to do? I can't do anything.

We can express our feelings, nothing more. It would be wrong for us not to say anything. However, we have said it many times in the Safety Commission and also to the media. But there is no reaction to some things."

Keith Huewen and his view

Keith Huewen talked about what needs to be done during the Moto GP podcast where he discussed the following issue: "The rocks are the size of half a brick, when they should be 8-20mm.

There is a graded side of gravel which should be in the runoff areas. Portimao has builder’s yard bricks in the gravel! They are bloody sore - worse still if one pings at you. Apparently they’re changing it, but it’s a massive job. Thousands of square metres. They’ve got to do it before we go racing."