Jack Miller angry about Moto GP Argentina


Jack Miller angry about Moto GP Argentina

There are many people who will not remember the Argentina MotoGP with fond memories. The frustration that Jack Miller feels is a result of many factors. “The visibility was shocking the first couple of laps, honestly,”- Jack Miller said, as quoted by crash.net
“The problem was the windscreen was filthy, so you couldn't see a damn thing out of that, so you're sort of sticking your head up down the straight trying to see”.

Jack Miller is angry about the sand that has been causing him problems. However, he is satisfied with the helmet that does not leak. “The helmet worked mega, it didn't leak at all,” he said. “I kept my tear-off for about three laps and then ditched that and just wiped [the dirt off the visor] with my hand.

Through Turn 10, I was like, ‘waaaah’, on the lean angle, literally flat [out] and took my hand off to give it a wipe! It was a bit like motocross! Every 3 or 4 laps you had to give it a wipe just because there was that much sand and shit in the water”.

Jack Miller

Although the season did not look optimistic, Miller holds sixth in the world championship standings. "Happy enough,”- he said, “I mean, no one's happy with 6th are they? We wanted a little bit more but starting from 16th wasn't the easiest thing in the world.

Nonetheless, we worked our way through. About three laps into it I just hit a wall. I don't know if I cooked the rear tyre a little bit on the drive part of the left-hand side. But I started having moment after moment. I tried to sort of scroll through my maps to understand if that was the issue.

Tried more power, that didn't help at all. Tried less power, that seemed to help a little bit. Put the TC target away a little bit and that was better as well. Kind of wish I had a little bit more margin there with that. Then eight laps to the end, it kind of came good again, started bringing my lap times down a little bit, was able to come back towards Jorge [Martin]”.

Jack Miller Argentina