Valentino Rossi on his biggest rivals: He singled out one name

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Valentino Rossi on his biggest rivals: He singled out one name
Valentino Rossi on his biggest rivals: He singled out one name

Valentino Rossi is a motorcycle road racer about whom we do not need to waste words. One of the greatest careers, with many successes and many victories. Throughout his career, the Italian had many rivals and interesting opponents.

With some, the fight was tough, with others much easier. In an interview with the media, Rossi revealed who his biggest rivals were during his career: "I would say Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner and Max Biaggi,” Rossi said, as quoted by “The one with Biaggi was tough from the start because we never liked each other anyway.

Then I arrived - a bit of a stupid young man. I immediately started pissing him off!" He and Biaggi had a 'strained' relationship from the start. Both were passionate and eager to win. It was this passion and love for Moto GP that led them to such clashes.

“Now this one who was the 250cc [championship] said ‘what the f***!’. And the one that comes from the 125cc already pisses him off. So it started badly right away, and it was a rivalry to the end. We fought for the last 500cc world championship and that was nice”.

Battle with Stoner and Lorenzo

Stoner and Lorenzo were a little different story. Rossi then had the main say, and he had the role of the 'old man' However, it seems that both of them were of better quality than Biaggi and that it was more difficult for him to fight with them.

“The rivalries with Stoner and Lorenzo were different. Because with [Biaggi] I was the young man who had to beat the old man, and instead with Stoner and Lorenzo I was the old man and they had to try to beat me.
Lorenzo and Stoner were stronger than Biaggi.

In the sense that there was is an evolution of the species, an evolution of the riders. So the younger I am, the stronger I go. So afterward it's always more difficult”.

Valentino Rossi

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