Jack Miller: I'm an idiot, a bit of a clown! But I’m real

"People enjoy a character. That’s who I am, at the end of the day."

by Sead Dedovic
Jack Miller: I'm an idiot, a bit of a clown! But I’m real

Jack Miller is a driver who is disputed by many but also supported by many. It is inevitable that the Australian has quality, however, his performances often attract criticism. In an interview with Moto GP, Miller talked about the challenges he faces as well as the negative comments directed at him by individuals.

Miler is aware that many of his compatriots have previously built great careers in Moto GP, and that sometimes this can cause great expectations and pressure. “There is always a lot of criticism and it comes with the territory of being a little bit outspoken,” Miller told MotoGP.com “If you put yourself out there, there are positives and negatives.

Generally more positives but there is a lot of doubt. Is it the Australian thing? Coming after a lot of successful riders, the only ones that have made it have been super-successful world champions. Theirs are big boots to fill so there is extra pressure and expectation.

Now not so much, but in the past I had to prove myself more to get a bump up in job, or to continue my job, or to move up the ladder. I’ve been constantly working my way up the pecking order”.
His joining KTM also caused a large number of reactions.

Many doubted him. However, the Australian wanted a change in his career. “It was already happening as I was signing the contract! The comment I read was ‘he’ll be moving to WorldSBK’ - like that’s a bad thing? They try to use that as an insult.

Let’s give it a crack and see what happens! A change was what I felt that I needed. Throughout winter testing I heard ‘maybe he’s not getting along…’”

Jack Miller and his personality

Over time, Jack realized that he should not react to others and that he should focus on himself and his progress.

He built such a type of personality that will enable him to succeed in the future. He is aware that there will always be criticism, and that people will not choose their words when they mention him. Realizing this, Miller accepted things as they were.

I’m at the point where I don’t really care,” he said. I have my opinion. If you ask and it’s what you like, good. If it’s not? That’s your problem, not mine. I feel complete in terms of where I’m at in my racing career.

I’ve done alright, better than I imagined. I was a cocky kid but, deep down, you never know. There have been points in my career where I thought I’d be heading home shortly, to get a job! People enjoy a character.

That’s who I am, at the end of the day. An idiot, a bit of a clown! But I’m real. I’ll happily give everyone my time. I remember being a fan watching guys like Valentino Rossi get mobbed. It’s cool to push the next generation on, and to show them that you don’t have to be a robot! Or to be a certain way to succeed”.

Jack Miller