“The Batman” makes encouraging debut, vaults $57mln in the opening day

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“The Batman” makes encouraging debut, vaults $57mln in the opening day
“The Batman” makes encouraging debut, vaults $57mln in the opening day

North American box office has finally found its first maverick in 2022, “The Batman,” that racks up a promising $57 million at the first day in domestic box office, as after numerous production delays, “The Batman” has hit the big screens this weekend.

Twilight-star Robert Pattinson-starred “The Batman” has been expecting to gross a total between $100 to $125 million over the weekend, while if the figures hold, it will be the second movie in a pandemic-era new normalcy to breach a $100 million landmark in domestic box office on the first weekend after release.

According to Warner Bros., the release generates a lofty upsum of $57 million from 4,417 locations across the Northern America in the opening day.

‘The Batman’ coffers $57mln opening day in domestic box office

As beforementioned, with more than a $55 million already having coffered up, “The Batman” seems well-poised to open between $120 and $130 million.

The movie has already become the 2022’s first spectacle as expected in terms of opening weekend grossing with Sony’s “Uncharted” had shelved $44 million at its opening weekend last month. Besides, the success of “The Batman” has been another vindication of a change of heart among moviegoers with more audiences of all age groups preferring superhero films over conventional genres.

Nonetheless, so far, it appears that the latest Batman series movie will fall well short of Christian Bale-starred “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” as those sequels shelved roughly a $158 million and a $160 million respectively over their opening weekend.

Nevertheless, Robert Pattinson-starred “The Batman” has not been a sequel similar to other movies in the series, instead, the movie features an entire reform of property, cast, mood alongside a new storyline.