Pattinson’s “The Batman” nears $250mln globally after $128mln domestic debut

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Pattinson’s “The Batman” nears $250mln globally after $128mln domestic debut
Pattinson’s “The Batman” nears $250mln globally after $128mln domestic debut (Provided by Financial World)

Twilight star Robert Pattinson-starred “The Batman” has been dominating international box office charts over its opening weekend as anticipated, as the Warner Bros. Comic book adventure movie has collected roughly a $120 million from 74 overseas markets as of Sunday, garnering $248.5 million after making a $128.5 million debut in the North America.

Warner Bros’ latest Batman big screen juggernaut which reportedly harnesses the potential to turn out to be another billion-dollar epic just three months after release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” has had a budget of around $200 million.

Despite numerous setbacks and delays that the latest Batman series silver-screen had to endure, the 276-minute action adventure movie with credits has received strong feedback from the critics, as Rotten Tomatoes has rated the movie at 85 per cent, while critics at Metacritic appraised the film at a decent 72 per cent.

Nevertheless, “The Batman” has not been a sequel to previous Batman series movies, as the movie has featured an entirely different storyline along with a different set of crews.

“The Batman” baskets nearly $250 million over opening weekend

Apart from the domestic box office debut where it had shelved $128 million, at the top end of the producers’ estimation, “The Batman” has witnessed its best turnaround in the UK with an earning of $18.4 million, while it had earned $12 million in Mexico as well.

Among other territories, Australia ranked at the third with a $9.2 million, while the film grossed $8.8 million in Brazil, $8.5 million in France and $5.1 million in Germany. Robert Pattinson’s “The Batman” will not open in China, the world’s largest movie market, until March 18.