“Vikings: Valhalla” season 2 set to make debut in 2023

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“Vikings: Valhalla” season 2 set to make debut in 2023

The “Vikings: Valhalla” production team have reportedly been working hard on both second and third season following a grand launch of the historical drama series in Netflix. First season of “Vikings: Valhalla” made a grand debut on February 25 with 113.38 million hours having been viewed thus far.

The series had been initially planned to be released in 24 episodes in a single season, however, later Netflix Inc has decided to divide the episodes over three separate seasons. The historical series featuring heroic adventures of some of the most famous Vikings around 1000-1100 AD, following demise of the successors of Ragnar Lothbrok such as Bjorn Ironside, Ivar the Boneless, Ubba and Erik Bjornsson among others, the legendary Viking hero and king of the ‘Old Norse’ Denmark and Sweden who had been the first to cross the sea to invade Britain.

The series will be chronicled around the legendary explorer Leif Eriksson, his headstrong sister Freydis Eriksdotter alongside an ambitious Nordic Prince Harald Sigurdsson. Nevertheless, production of the season 2 of “Vikings: Valhalla” has already been completed and Netflix Inc has reportedly been looking to release the series by 2023, while production of season 3 is set to begin this year.

“Vikings: Valhalla” season 2 to launch in 2023

Aside from that, Jeb Stuart will return as the producer and showrunner of the upcoming “Vikings: Valhalla” seasons, while executive producers include the creators of original “Vikings” such as Michael Hirst, Steve Stark, John Weber, Alan Gasmer, Sheila Hockin, James Flynn, Sherry Marsh alongside Paul Buccieri.

Meanwhile, expressing an out and out optimism over a jubilant debut of “Vikings: Valhalla,” Stuart said in a statement, “Fans of Valhalla — THANK YOU to the millions of you who have watched (and rewatched!) Season One.

The numbers have been mind-boggling and beyond my wildest expectations. I’m thrilled to be able to confirm that we wrapped and are already editing Season Two and that production will start soon on Season Three. While the storylines for Leif, Freydis, Harald, Olaf, Canute and the rest of our amazing cast are secret, I can say without hesitation that their journeys will be even more epic than what you’ve seen so far. SKÅL!!!