Bob Odenkirk: "I didn't like Saul Goodman"

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Bob Odenkirk: "I didn't like Saul Goodman"

Better Call Saul, a spinoff of Breaking Bad is finally returning with its sixth and final season, of 13 episodes, and divided into two parts: the first half on April 18, the second half on July 11. The highly anticipated show has suffered delays related to COVID-19 and the heart attack of its protagonist Bob Odenkirk on set during filming.

Odenkirk talked about his character, the lawyer Saul Goodman, and how that evolved over the course of the spinoff. While it is largely a prequel, except for a few post Breaking Bad flashforwards, the show delved into the lawyer's life, his relationships, his seemingly ambiguous morality, his great talents and fears of him.

Speaking to USA Today to promote his new memoir Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama, the actor said: "The first thing I said to Peter and Vince is that you have to make him nice if you want to write a show about him, because I didn't think he was nice.

I thought they would be offended because I knew they liked the character, but they didn't. They understood what I meant. I liked it a lot more than when I started."

Cast, plot and curiosities:

In addition to Bob Odenkirk, in the role of Goodman, there are Rhea Sheehorn (Kim Wexler), Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut), Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring), Patrick Fabian (Howard Hamlin), Tony Dalton (Lalo Salamanca) and Michael Mando ( Nacho Varga).

Omaha, Nebraska: After the events narrated in Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman works as a pastry shop assistant in a Cinnabon shop, under a false identity, in a shopping center. Tormented by the risk of being recognized, he spends a rather quiet life, spending the evenings following the news, seeing films and his old commercials recorded on videotape, which remind him of the past.

The story moves into the past, when Saul still used his real name, James Jimmy McGill, and tried in every way to establish himself as a lawyer. His brother Chuck is a very good attorney and founder of the law firm HHM, but stopped due to alleged electro-sensitivity.

Relations with his brother break down due to the exuberant character that has always distinguished Jimmy with the shortcuts to achieve professional success. Since 1997 Odenkirk has been married to film producer Naomi Yomtov.

The couple have two children, Nathan William (born December 3, 1998) and Erin Jane (born November 24, 2000). On July 28, 2021, while filming the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul, Odenkirk suddenly collapses on set due to an illness and is rushed to hospital; the next day it was announced that it was a heart problem.