“Drake and Josh” star Josh Peck joins Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer”

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“Drake and Josh” star Josh Peck joins Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer”

Josh Peck, the 35-year-old American actor, comedian and YouTuber who began his career as a child artiste back in the 1990s, has reportedly joined the verse of Christopher Nolan’s new World War II movie “Oppenheimer”.

Josh Peck, who is best-known for “Drake and Josh,” has been casted for the role of Kenneth Bainbridge, a scientist who had been involved in the “Manhattan Project,” a code name for the US effort to develop nuclear weapons during World War II.

Cillian Murphy has been starring as Robert Oppenheimer in the nuclear bomb firm, that is expected to offer a probing view on the father of atomic bomb. According to previous media reports, Murphy will work alongside a raft of sheer brilliances ranging from Emily Blunt to Matt Damon to Robert Downy Jr.

Emily Blunt has been provided with the role of biologist and botanist Kitty Oppenheimer, while Matt Damon will be starring the director of Manhattan Project, Leslie Groves Jr. On top of that, the “Avenger” star Robert Downy Jr was casted as the founding commissioner of the US Atomic Energy Commission, Lewis Strauss.

Aside from that, there will be a number of well-reputed actors and actresses in the film including Florence Pugh who will play the role of psychiatrist Jean Tatlock, as Benny Safdie will embody the theoretical physicist Edward Teller and Josh Harnett will be portraying the character of a fabulous American nuclear science Ernest Lawrence.

Josh Peck to play in Nolan’s Oppenheimer

As beforementioned, Josh Peck had attained immense popularity at an early age, mostly due to “The Amanda Show,” while following the Nickelodeon Sitcom “Drake and Josh,” that ran between 2004 and 2007, Josh received recognition across the globe.

Josh Peck, who is set to play in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, played recently in a Disney Plus show “Turner and Hooch,” an extension of the Tom Hanks’ 1989 film.