“The Batman” surges past $200 million on domestic box office

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“The Batman” surges past $200 million on domestic box office

Twilight star Robert Pattinson’s “The Batman” has continued to deliver robust performances in the box offices around the globe with a whopping $200 million having been racked up at North American box office as of Friday, as the Warner Bros/DC’s superhero comic book film seems to be well en-route to become the fifth Hollywood movie to shelve a gargantuan $500 million worldwide over the second weekend after debut since early-2021.

“The Batman” added another $18.7 million at its second Friday, as domestic box office grossing is expected to storm past $225 billion over the weekend. Despite a 67 per cent drop in ticket sales compared to last Friday, the superhero movie has still had a strong chance to hold its weekend drop below a 55 per cent of the $134 million being racked up over the opening weekend, which in effect would mark off the one of the strongest second weekend holds for any film in a pandemic-era new normalcy.

Nonetheless, industry analysts were quoted saying that a higher ticket tag has been enabling the movie to gross a total which happens to be the best for any DC film since “The Dark Knight” back in the 2008s.

“The Batman” surges past $200 million on domestic box office debut

Apart from that, The Batman’s intransigently vigorous performance in the box offices around the globe has been illustrating that the film has been well en-route to become Warner Bros.’ strongest grossing since the theatres opened following an end of the pandemic-associated restrictions.

Amid steep competition from “The Batman,” Sony’s “Uncharted” appears to be struggling, as the Holland-starred Playstation adaptation added $2.4 million at its fourth Friday and expects to tally a weekend grossing of $9 million, brining in about $113 million in the domestic box office, well behind even a run-of-the-mill “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” that totalled about $129 million later last year.