Billie Lourd marries Austen Rydell during weekend in Mexico


Billie Lourd marries Austen Rydell during weekend in Mexico

Nearly a couple of years after being engaged, Billie Lourd, the 29-year-old American actress, married Austen Rydell over the weekend in Mexico. The couple greeted their son back in the September of 2020. On Sunday, wedding bells had rung for Billie Lourd, as the promising American actress, best-known for Fox horror comedy series Scream Queens and FX horror anthology series American Horror Story, got married to an Austen Rydell as beforementioned.

Rydell is a less-renowned actor and producer who grew up in Los Angeles. As the Scream Queen beauty finally married Austen, Lourd’s American Horror Story co-star Leslie Grossman shared the story in Instagram on March 13 with a caption saying, “Billie and Austen's wedding weekend is over, which is so sad cause it was the most fun.

But I won best dressed, and I may have bribed the judges. I may have done whatever I needed to do to get this trophy. But I got it. According to an American outlet People, Billie Lourd’s father Bryan Lourd had rented a block of rooms at a hotel venue for the wedding guests for enjoying a private pool party a couple of days before the ceremony on March 11.

Billie Lourd marries Austen Rydell

Lourd and Rydell have been dating since 2016 and following a small mishap a year later, the pair reconnected again in 2017.

The star couple engaged back in the June of 2020 and shared the news on Instagram with a cascade of images as well as videos featuring their relationship. The illustrious American actress celebrated the recent Valentine’s day with her now-husband Rydell and shared photos of them by the water with a caption that said, “I GET MORE AND MORE OBSESSED WITH YOU EVERY DAY CANT STOP WONT STOP.