Sandra Bullock opens up on why she is giving up her ban on movie sequels

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Sandra Bullock opens up on why she is giving up her ban on movie sequels

More than a decade earlier, Sandra Bullock, the long-adored American actress and producer who has ranked as the world’s highest-paid actress back in the 2010s and 2014s, vowed that she would never work on a sequel.

Back in the 2013s, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy released a buddy cop comedy, “The Heat,” that grossed more than a $230 million across the globe, while reporters kept asking her whether she would be returning for a second film for McCarthy.

Bullock, recipient of a variety of accolades including an Academy and a Golden Globe award among others, had said at that time, “I’m not doing a sequel to. I’ve done two sequels. They were horrible. What Melissa and I had was beautiful.

We might do another film together. I think we should do a silent film together”. Nonetheless, in a recent interview, adding that she was prepared to reconsider her position about working on a sequel, Bullock said, “I had a ‘no sequel’ rule when I didn’t have the benefit of fighting for what I really wanted.

I feel like, in my old age, I’m learning to fight for the things that I think would be best on screen — and I don’t care who comes away from the meeting angry”.

Bullock may return for sequels

Concomitantly, crediting her revolution to co-producer Liza Chasin, Bullock said, “(it’s) the beauty of working with Liza.

We are type A. We’ve known each other since the beginning of time. We both take what we do very seriously. We know that no one pays attention to us usually because we’re women. No one thinks that [an] actress is really going to be a producer, so that’s good, they look away and ignore you”.

Meanwhile, adding that she might make a sequel to one of her many memorable movies, Bullock added, “I don’t know that I’d want to do a sequel, but look — we had Dana Fox as a writer. If Dana Fox could come up with something brilliant… there you go”.