Falco, Norris, Cox & Kudrow to star in HBO Max comedy “The Parenting”

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Falco, Norris, Cox & Kudrow to star in HBO Max comedy “The Parenting”

HBO Max is working on a star-sprangled original “The Parenting,” the smaller rival of streaming giants like of Netflix and Amazon.com Inc had unveiled on Wednesday. Aside from that, HBO Max said in a statement that its latest original, “The Parenting,” a horror comedy, will be starring Edie Falco, Dean Norris, Brian Cox alongside Lisa Kudrow among others.

The movie focuses on a young couple who will hire a suburban cottage to arrange a weekend gateway with their parents. Though, in a surprising turn of event, the guests will uncover that the cottage is actually inhabited by a 400-year-old poltergeist.

Nonetheless, HBO Max has yet to unveil the roles which Cox, Falco, Kudrow and Norris will be playing.

Cox, Falco, Kudrow and Norris to star HBO Max original “The Parenting”

According to HBO Max’s announcement made earlier this week, its upcoming original, “The Parenting,” a horror-comedy, is directed by Craig Johnson who is best-known for “Alex Strangleove” and “The Skeleton Twins”.

The film’s screenplay is being written by Kent Sublette, while Chris Bender alongside Jake Weiner have been producing the film. New Line Cinema has been co-producing the film. However, HBO Max has not revealed a release date for the movie.

Among the stars in HBO Max’s “The Parenting,” Cox having been among the most high-profile of all, recently grabs Screen Actors Guild as well as Golden Globe award for his role as Logan Roy in HBO chartbuster “Succession”.

The veteran film actor has had significant roles in a number of Hollywood blockbusters such as “Troy,” “The Bourne Supremacy,” “Adaptation,” “The “25th Hour” alongside ”Coriolanus” among others.