“The Batman” adds $36 million at Box office, heads towards $600mln worldwide

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“The Batman” adds $36 million at Box office, heads towards $600mln worldwide

“The Batman” has crossed a whacking $300 million mark in the domestic box office on Sunday, as the Twilight-star Pattinson-starred action-adventure added $36.8 million at its third weekend, staying comfortably on top of box office charts.

Saying that, “The Batman” appears to be well-poised to surpass0 “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” alongside “Aquaman,” as the chartbuster still has a weekend at its hand before a major release of Sony & Marvel’s “Morbius” on April 1.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Aquaman” racked up $330 million and $335 million respectively in the domestic box office. Nevertheless, there has been a major drag in the film’s release in China this weekend, as the film grossed only $12 million in the world’s largest movie market amid a fresh outbreak of omicron, however, “The Batman” tallied a $49 million from international market this weekend.

Due to the latest insurgence of pandemic outbreak in China, about 43 per cent movie theatres remained closed including those in major cities like of Shanghai.

“The Batman” en-route to pass $600 mark globally

Despite the drawback in Chinese market, “The Batman” has been just a spitting distance away from grossing $600 million globally, while the movie is believed to be well en-route to storm pass the global tallies of a number of ‘21 blockbusters such as “F9” as well as “No Time to Die”.

Nonetheless, unlike those 2021 blockbusters which largely depended on overseas markets for ticket sales, “The Batman” has witnessed an almost identical sum in overall grossing in both overseas and global market.

As of Sunday night, “The Batman” shelves $300 million in North America and a $298 million in ticket sales across the globe.