Who is Jada Smith, the wife of Will Smith, because of whom he hit Rock?

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Who is Jada Smith, the wife of Will Smith, because of whom he hit Rock?
Who is Jada Smith, the wife of Will Smith, because of whom he hit Rock?

This year's awards ceremony brought many surprises, but one incident, in particular, marked everything Actor Will Smith, 53, caused an incident at this year’s Oscars after comedian Chris Rock, 57, joked about the illness of Smith’s wife Jade Pinkett Smith, 50, who is battling alopecia.

The comedian was announcing the “Best Feature Documentary” category when he decided to make an ugly joke with Will’s wife, who suffers from alopecia and hair loss. He compared her to G.I. Jane, the action heroine from the film of the same name, who was once played by Demi Moore with a shaved head.

Will Smith obviously couldn't stand such provocations, so he came on stage and slapped Chris Rock Namely, Jada discovered three years ago that she is struggling with alopecia from which hair is lost. It seems that Jada doesn't get too tired of the whole situation and proudly wears a new 'hairstyle'

"I can't help but laugh at this," Jada said in the video, pointing to the spot on top of her scalp where she lost her hair.

Jada Smith on the situation

She explained that due to the place where her hair falls, now the situation will be a little harder to hide.

"Maybe I'll decorate the place with crystals or put on a crown." Alopecia and I will make friends and point! she said with a laugh. Her Instagram video was viewed by 1.5 million people, and her followers wrote words of support in their comments: - 'I like it, it looks good on you', 'It's your place for a tiara!', 'You're as beautiful as ever' - they wrote to her.

Jada once wore a blue short hairstyle and now combines turbans, wigs, and a natural edition she is proud of. Many celebrities struggled with the same disease, and later their hair grew back. Among them are Jesy Nelson (30), Little Mix singer, supermodel Tyra Banks (48) and actress Viola Davis (56).


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