Nicolas Cage wants to play Superman

Cage: "Tim Burton did not cast me. I cast Tim Burton."

by Faruk Imamovic
Nicolas Cage wants to play Superman

In a new interview, Cage reflected on his iconic roles but also spoke about his future projects he is very excited about. “Right now, I’m excited that the comedy is back on the menu. It hasn’t been there for, gosh, 15 years.

That’s nice that I may have the opportunity to do more comedy,” Cage said. via Rolling Stone “But I’ve never done a musical. That would be something that I would be curious about”. “I think I’ve done some of the best work in the last 10 years of my entire life and I put ‘Massive Talent’ in that period, which has been, in some ways, marginalized by certain folks in the media,” Cage said, per Collider “But I think I’ll put ‘Pig’ and ‘Massive Talent’ and ‘Mandy’ and ‘Color Out Of Space’ and ‘Bad Lieutenant’ and ‘Joe’ and ‘The Trust’ and ‘The Runner’ up against anything I did in the first 30 years.

But in all that time, in the 43 years I’ve been doing it, ‘Massive Talent’ is hands down the scariest thing I’ve ever done”.

Cage cast as Superman, Tim Burton's project was abandoned

“What I want to go on record with is: Tim Burton did not cast me.

I cast Tim Burton,” Cage said. “They wanted Renny Harlin, and he’s a nice guy and perfectly capable. But for me, the vision I had for Kal-El was more of a Tim Burton-style presentation universe”. “That’s always been both a positive and a negative to me.

It’s a positive in that it left the character, and what Tim and I might have gotten up to, in the realm of imagination — which is always more powerful than that is concrete. And a negative in that I think it would have been special. Is there a chance? Who knows”.

Nicolas Cage Superman