First Avatar sequel is titled “Avatar: The Way of Water,” says Disney


First Avatar sequel is titled “Avatar: The Way of Water,” says Disney

Earlier on Wednesday, Walt Disney Studio said at a presentation in CinemaCon 2022 that the title of first Avatar sequel will be “Avatar: The Way of Water,” as the legendary filmmaker James Cameroon pushes forth with his ambitious effort to engender four sequels of his box office blockbuster “Avatar,” a billion-dollar epic from 2009s which has still been ranked as the fourth-largest grossing movie in North America.

On top of that, James Cameroon has reportedly been shooting multiple instalments of the sequels at the same time while mixing extensive motion captures as well as live-action sequences. The sequel took years to complete and production had been hindered due to the pandemic-associated disruptions.

Nonetheless, after multiple release delays, Disney confirmed earlier on Wednesday that film would be released later this year.

Disney announces Avatar sequel title

Aside from that, according to Walt Disney announcement made at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, “Avatar 2” will be officially known as “Avatar: The Way of Water”.

Previously media headlines had unveiled other titles of the sequels such as “Avatar: The Seed Bearer” and “Avatar: The Tulkun Rider” alongside “Avatar: The Quest for Eywa”. Storyline of “Avatar: The Way of Water” would likely to spiral around the story of Sully family, which will be comprised of Jake, Neytiri along with their kids, while the tale will be orchaestrated about 10 years after the departure of an invading human army, hired by a business mogul to mine a precious metal in the planet.

Besides, “Avatar: The Way of Water” will portray the troubles that the Jake and Neytiri family have to grapple with, the battles they have to fight to stay alive and the misfortunes they have to suffer.

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