Bad Bunny, will play El Muerto fighting Spiderman

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Bad Bunny, will play El Muerto fighting Spiderman

Puerto Rican musician Bad Bunny real name Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, will star in Sony's new film "El Muerto" The news came from CinemaCon, the largest gathering of cinema owners worldwide, during Sony's panel where Bad Bunny unexpectedly appeared.

"Reviving the character of El Muerto is simply amazing ... very exciting," said the 28-year-old Grammy winner at CinemaCon. The character of El Muerto, called Juan-Carlos Estrada Sanchez, was created by Peter David and Roger Cruz, and first appeared in the Marvel comic book "Friendly Spiderman from the Neighborhood" in May 2006.

Juan-Carlos is the son of Marcus Estrada de la Garcia, who spent his entire life training his son to be part of a group called El Muertos, masked Mexican wrestlers who draw superhuman powers from their mystical masks. In the comics, El Muerto fought Spiderman in a charity wrestling match in which he almost exposed the hero, which he failed to do because Spider-Man paralyzed him by stabbing his poisonous sting.

Later, the superhero enemy El Dorado appears, who comes to take El Muerto's life, but Spider-Man saves his life, and the two team up to defeat El Dorado. According to Marvel’s official description of the character, El Muerto is a wrestler who possesses superhuman strength, and his powers and mask are passed down through a generational battle with the evil El Dorado.

The musician has appeared as a wrestler at major WWE events

With this role, Bad Bunny will become the first Latino actor to star in a Marvel movie about superheroes. In addition to an extremely successful music career, the musician has appeared as a wrestler at major WWE events.

''I grew up watching wrestling, and I’m a wrestler, '' shared Bad Bunny, ''I’m a former champion, so this is why I love this character. I think it’s the perfect role for me, and it will be epic."

Sony wants to start the filming process as soon as possible, which has to do with the initiative of Bad Bunny, who on his own explored the world of superheroes and proposed the creation of a film that follows wrestler El Muerto with him in the lead role.

In addition to El Muerto, the famous musician will appear in the upcoming thriller "Bullet Train" starring Brad Pitt and set in Japan. As an actor, we could also watch him in the series Narcos: Mexico, and he recently finished his American tour "El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo" and announced the next one he is going on in the summer months.

Sanford Panitch, who heads the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, has announced that El Muerto will premiere on January 12, 2024.