Keanu Reeves in the MCU: Doctor Doom, Ghost Rider or Mr. Fantastic?


Keanu Reeves in the MCU: Doctor Doom, Ghost Rider or Mr. Fantastic?
Keanu Reeves in the MCU: Doctor Doom, Ghost Rider or Mr. Fantastic?

According to the site, a site that also anticipated the cancellation of the Batwoman series, there is an agreement reached between Marvel Studios and Keanu Reeves, with the actor signing a contract for a still secret role.

There is already who talk about Doctor Doom, Ghost Rider or Mr. Fantastic. Keanu Reeves and Marvel Studios had come into contact a few years ago in for the role of Yon-Rogg in the movie Captain Marvel, but the part was later entrusted to Jude Law due to the renunciation of Reeves.

Keanu Reevs' career

Keanu Reeves is famous for playing Neo in the science fiction tetralogy The Matrix. His other roles include gigolo Scott Favor in the drama The Good and the Damned, Jack Traven in Speed, Shane Falco in The Reserves, Prince Siddhārtha in Little Buddha, lawyer Kevin Lomax in the supernatural thriller The Devil's Advocate, the alien Klaatu.

in Ultimatum to Earth, detective Johnny Utah in Point Break, John Constantine in the film of the same name, Johnny Mnemonic and John Wick. In 1966 her mother separated from her husband and she moved with her children to Toronto, Canada, where she worked as a costume designer for Alice Cooper, Dolly Parton and others.

Keanu has a sister, Kim, born in Australia in 1966, and two half-sisters. Keanu is an ice hockey player; in high school, he was the official goalkeeper for the De La Salle college team in Toronto, Canada. He was elected best player in the school, which paved the way for a professional career in hockey.

At the moment of the decisive choice, however, he opted for the limelight, thanks to a hand injury that affected his sporting career. During his high school years he changed four schools. Labeled as not very intelligent, no one had noticed that his scholastic difficulties, in reality, were due to a reading disorder: the actor is in fact dyslexic.

For this reason, Reeves decided to drop out of school at 17, never graduating from high school. Until he came of age he lived in Toronto with his mother, where he took acting classes. To support himself, he worked as an ice skate sharpener, lumberjack and for a year he was also an employee of a pasta shop.

Keanu Reeves