“Avatar: The Way of Water” trailer: James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel's footage


“Avatar: The Way of Water” trailer: James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel's footage

Followed by a delay of nearly a decade and a half, the 20th Century Studios had released a first glaze into James Cameron’s “Avatar 2,” which is scheduled to be released on December 16. “Avatar 2,” sequel of the highest-grossing film ever, is officially titled as “Avatar: The Way of Water”.

Nevertheless, after having been re-released in China, the world’s largest movie market, the first “Avatar” topped “Avengers: Endgame” as the most attractive film of all times in terms of ticket sales, as the first “Avatar” movie’s revenues had reached a jawdropping $2.8 billion globally, while the film’s re-run in the US remained unprecedentedly strong as it blossoms around hundreds of theatres over ten months.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” trailer released

The “Avatar” sequel will be starring many of its original film’s cast and crews such as Zoe Saldana (Neytiri) and Sam Worthington (Jake Sully). Sigourney Weaver will be acting in a new role.

There are a number of new casts as well, as Kate Winslet will play as Ronal, Oona Chaplin as Varang and Michelle Yeoh as Dr Karina Mogue. Besides, as the new films will roll on from where it had been left off with Neytiri and Sully trying to live a new life on planet pandora with their kids and orchestrating the concealed message of Cameron what he usually leaves behind in his films, Cameron said, “We mixed the schedules for ‘2’ and ‘3’ together, based on the types of scenes and the environments.

I said, let’s just treat it like it’s a six-hour miniseries and we’re only going to go to Frankfurt once. We’re going to shoot all the scenes from ‘2’ and ‘3’ at the same time.

That was more or less the motif”. Here is a first look on “Avatar: The Way of Water”