The son of a famous musician passed away at the age of 31!

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The son of a famous musician passed away at the age of 31!
The son of a famous musician passed away at the age of 31! (Provided by Financial World)

Nick Cave saddened his fans with the news that his son had died. Jethro Lazenby was 31 years old. Lazenby was a great artist and Fashion model, rapper, actor and photographer
“With much sadness, I can confirm that my son, Jethro, has passed away,” Cave said.

“We would be grateful for family privacy at this time”. Fay Milton expressed her condolences with an emotional message: "I’m in shock hearing about the news of Jethro dying. (He would have puked at the phrase ‘passing away’) He was a brilliant soul, funny as fuck and like nobody I’ve ever met.

We were really close friends for a couple of years, maybe even less, but it was a deep dive into each other’s crazy energy”.
“Fuck. Jethro, you burned brightly. I still have a suitcase of your clothes, you still have my synth, I always thought we would meet again someday, i hope you visit in my dreams.

Sending love to all who knew him”.


Bianca Westwood: "Like many of us, I know grief. So my heart aches for Nick Cave who has just lost another son. He once described his first loss so eloquently & movingly in the letter below.

I truly hope him & his family have the strength to endure again." Cave had another son who passed away a few years ago "Susie [Cave’s wife] and I have learned much about the nature of grief over recent years. We have come to see that grief is not something you pass through, as there is no other side,” Cave wrote in 2020.

“For us, grief became a way of life, an approach to living, where we learned to yield to the uncertainty of the world, whilst maintaining a stance of defiance to its indifference. We surrendered to something over which we had no control, but which we refused to take lying down.