“Doctor Strange 2” crosses $550 million globally

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“Doctor Strange 2” crosses $550 million globally

“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” stands strong coming into the second week in box office, as the Benedict Cumberbatch-starred movie had crossed a whopping $550 million level globally in just a week and a half, Disney says in an announcement later this week.

At this standpoint, it appears that the Sam Raimi’s sequel of Doctor Strange, would more likely to unfold some of Cumberbatch’s magics over the weekend again, as there has not been any major competitor in the big screens.

Though, Doctor Strange 2, which had had a budget of $200 million, will face off Zac Efron’s “Firestarter”. Firestarter, a remake of Stephen King novel of Universal, earned a modest $375,000 on Thursdays’ preview.

Nonetheless, the movie has been met with a number of negative reviews which would likely to strengthen Doctor Strange’s footprints further into the box office. On Thursday night, the latest entrance from the Marvel’s maverick cinematic universe, had racked up a stark upsum of $19.2 million globally as well as a $7.7 million domestically.

Doctor Strange 2 has had one of the strongest preview openings on Thursday a week earlier, totalling a whopping $36 million.

“Doctor Strange 2” stands tall in the box office

After drawing in a whopping $185 million last weekend, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” had shelved a global box office total of $551.6 million as of Thursday night.

On top of that, the movie’s astonishing debut has marked off the 11th-highest domestic opening of all time. In absence of potential new releases, it is anticipated that the “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” will keep its holds over the box office.