Todd Phillips reveals “Joker” sequel working title

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Todd Phillips reveals “Joker” sequel working title

“Joker” director Todd Phillips has recently unveiled the title of 2019’s “Joker” sequel, “Joker: Folie a Deux”. Aside from that, Phillips also had unfurled the cover of the script, which was written by Phillips as well as Scott Silver alongside his collaborators in the original film.

In an Instagram post, Phillips included a first look into the screenplay as well with star Joaquin Phoenix reading the storyline. Nonetheless, while being asked over the issue, a spokesperson for Warner Bros had declined to comment over the subject-matter.

Phillips unveils “Joker” sequel title

If truth is to be spoken, the original “Joker” has been a shaker of supreme class that reframed the Batman villain into an anti-hero character. Phillips’ original Joker has been a nutcracker that bogged many minds with the depth of the film’s concept as a struggling comedian alongside a part-time clown named Arthur Fleck lashed out in shocking violence while creating multiple experiments.

Many people think that the movie was encouraging violence and if truth is to be spoken, the plot should be contemplated as a spoiler on an intellectual notion. Relatively gazing at the flipside of the coin, the psychological thriller also sheds light on how humans could make everyone feel that they are parts of the world, though, over 50 cases of mass-shooting took place in the United States over recent years, didn’t they? Phillips’ original “Joker” that refurbished the original Batman villain in an entirely innovative way, has still been a marvel among global blockbusters that grossed over $1 billion across the globe.

The original “Joker” had earned 12 Oscar nominations including best picture category, best adapted screenplay writing for Phillips and Silver alongside best director for Phillips. The Joker, Phoenix, won the Oscar for best actor in 2019 and Hildur Guonadottir won for best original score.