Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt together in a movie!

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Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt together in a movie!
Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt together in a movie! (Provided by Financial World)

Lewis Hamilton, seven-time F1 World Champion with his Mercedes, is about to try his hand at a new adventure: cinema, with Hollywood star Brad Pitt. The confirmation came at the press conference ahead of the Azerbaijan GP, ​​that the Englishman from Mercedes will work together with Brad Pitt.

The two have reached a $ 130 million deal with Apple for the making of a film in which the protagonist will be the American actor and will play a former F1 driver ready to raise a younger track colleague. The film will be directed by Joseph Kosinski, currently in theaters with Top Gun, while Lewis Hamilton will participate in the project for now as a producer but surprises are not excluded as suggested in Baku by the British driver himself.

It was in Baku that Hamilton was always attentive to fashion trends, presenting himself to the paddock with another very particular look, very trendy and capable of attracting attention. He said: "That's right, I'll do a Formula 1 movie with Brad Pitt.

For now I can't say more, but I shouldn't appear. It's a great project and we're working on the script. It's fun, I spend many hours. with Brad, and it's exciting. We want to keep the true spirit of racing intact."

This season results and last season races

The 2022 Championship opens with a Mercedes more in difficulty than in previous seasons and as a teammate of George Russel; nevertheless Hamilton conquers the podium in the Bahrain Grand Prix, finishing third at the finish line after the retirements of Verstappen and Perez.

In the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix he finishes tenth and in the Australian Grand Prix he finishes fourth, while in the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix he closes out of the points zone, thirteenth. About last races of last season, on 26 September 2021, in the Russian Grand Prix, he becomes the first driver in history to have won 100 races in Formula 1.

In Sao Paulo he wins the race starting from the tenth position, while obtaining pole and victory in the following Grand Prix of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Presenting himself at the final race of the world championship on equal points with his rival Max Verstappen, Hamilton is overtaken by the Dutchman during the last lap, losing the race and the world championship.

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