“Game of Thrones” Jon Snow sequel in works

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“Game of Thrones” Jon Snow sequel in works

There might be a “Game of Thrones” series that will feature adventures of Jon Snow, the glorious bastard & king of the North who later turned out to be the true heir of Iron thrones. According to a report released in THR, HBO has been mulling a sequel of “Game of Thrones” as the finale of the immensely popular TV show drew in havoc-scale criticisms.

Kit Harrington would recap his play as the next heir of Iron Throne. Nonetheless, while being asked over the issue, HBO had declined to comment over the subject-matter.

Apart from that, the THR report was quoted sources as saying that HBO might have already been in an early stage of development of the TV show.

HBO mulls “Game of Throne” sequel

In tandem, as the architect decided to conclude the roles of almost all major characters, shutting in the door of a scintillating sequel, HBO has been planning to create a “Game of Thrones” sequel featuring Kit Harrington as the main hero, the report added.

Nevertheless, Kit Harrington, the bastard turned to a hero of the people as it was shown until Brandon Stark envisioned otherwise, has racked up a couple of Emmy nominations during his voyage in “Game of Thrones”.

Aside from that, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) shelved a Golden Globe, too. If truth is to be spoken, it still remains uncertain how audiences would react to a Jon Snow-starring follow-up of “Game of Thrones,” though contemplating the messy ending of the series alongside a prequel of the “Game of Thrones” in development, “Game of Thrones” sequel should generate a hefty number of views, suggested analysts.